Event Date: November 3, 2015
Contemporary Northern Ireland History with Gerry Timlin

The always-captivating Gerry Timlin of Timlin and Kane, one of the most popular entertainers at the Celtic Classic, will be hosting this cultural experience. This series will focus on Northern Ireland’s history starting with World War II through the Peace Process and the Good Friday Agreement to present day. This will be a unique opportunity to hear the story of this time period from someone who experienced it firsthand.

This series will be held in McCarthy’s Red Stag Pub Great Room, located on the 2nd floor of McCarthy’s Red Stag Pub in Bethlehem, PA. Enjoy a pint while taking in the history of Northern Ireland.

Enjoy 6 sessions beginning on November 3, 2015 at 7:00pm, they will be 2 hours in length.

This series is limited to only 45 participants. Reserve your space now by clicking here.

The cost of the series is $50 for non CCA Members.

Special discounts for CCA Members and Volunteers. Call the CCA office at 610-868-9599 for details.

Nov 3rd

  • WW II Belfast
  • Background - Blitz
  • The Northern Ireland Government
  • Manufacturing Facilities - Harland and Wolfe - Short and Harland
  • Evacuees
  • The Southern Reaction

Nov 10th

  • Aftermath of the Blitz
  • Edward Carson – First Prime Minister - War
  • James Craig – John Miller Andrews – Basil Brooke
  • The 1950s
  • Politics of Northern Ireland

Nov 17th

  • The Unionist Party
  • The Nationalist Party
  • The 1960s
  • The Resurgence of Irish Folk Music (It played it’s Part)
  • The Civil Rights Association

Nov 24th

  • First March – Coalisland to Dungannon  Aug 24th 1968
  • Bloody Sunday
  • The Border
  • Cease Fire
  • The Riots, Belfast and Derry
  • The Hunger Strikes and Political Fall Out

Dec 1st

  • The Paramilitaries, UVF, IRA, UDA, Hit Squads - Drugs – Extorsion.
  • The Shankill Butcher – Lenny Murphy
  • Dominic McGlinchey
  • Long Kesh (The Maze) Internment
  • The British Army. SAS, Spies – Super-grass - Collusion
  • Peace Talks

Dec 8th

  • Decommissioning. Prisoner’s Release
  • Omagh Bombing – A Changer
  • More Talks, Peace and Reconciliation
  • 1998 Hillsborough Agreement
  • The Political Parties. Today’s Parties and the N. I. Executive
  • The North Today and Peace in our time