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Committee Name Description Requirments Meetings
Educational Outreach Works to fulfill the CCA’s mission of promoting and preserving Celtic culture.  Creates programs that will engage and educate the community on Celtic culture throughout the year and at the Celtic Classic. At the Celtic Classic, the Education Committee oversees areas of education including:  supervising volunteers at the children’s craft tent, acting as liaison with the clans & societies, social dancing, and lectures at Foy Hall.  Throughout the year, the committee works on developing and executing programs that range from music events to lectures to art. Must have a strong interest and passion in the Celtic culture. Monthly

Acts as Stage Managers and responsible for loading in bands, assuring stages are running on schedule, announcing as needed, moving performers and equipment between stages.  Supervises Stage Hands.  Also participates in the performer selection process. Must be 18 or older, have some working knowledge of stage and/or theater or volunteered previously at Celtic Classic as a Stage Hand.  Be able to lift 20lbs.  Must be able to work a minimum  Quarterly
Finance Supervises entire financial operation.  This includes ticket booths, cashiers & ticket sellers along with the final auditing and deposit process. Must be 18 or older, have working knowledge of basic money handling (making change, etc), be able to supervise/manage a group of volunteers (4 to 6 at a time), be able to assist volunteers in selling tickets when needed, be able to work at least 3 shifts over the course of the festival (4-6 hour shifts over 3 days) Twice yearly
Food & Beverage Acts as supervisors of beer tents with a constant presence to ensure state liquor laws are enforced.  Oversees volunteers tapping beer and dispensing wine, working with food vendors and retail merchants Must be 21 or older, have some working knowledge of proper alcohol serving or volunteered previously at the Celtic Classic in a beer tent. Monthly
Operations Loads, unloads, constructs and installs the entire festival infrastructure.  Makes necessary repairs, designs tent layouts, supervises additional volunteers. Should be handy with tools, be able to lift 30lbs, and have a strong work ethic. Monthly
Pipe Bands & Parade Organizes the Pipe Band Competition, including assisting bands upon arrival to the event, lining bands up for competition and assisting judges as needed.  This committee facilitates the movement of the Showing of the Tartan Parade and supervises parade marshals. Be able to walk parade route of 1.5 miles, be on feet for long periods of time, interacting with large numbers of people. Monthly
Volunteers Recruits volunteers for all CCA events.  Designs creative campaigns to attract volunteers, supervises the Volunteer Tent at the Celtic Classic, including check in, walk ups, schedule changes and moving volunteers to fill in gaps. Must be 18 or older, enjoy working with the general public and be a good problem solver. Monthly

Most of the above committees were originally created in regards to the Celtic Classic.  However, as the organization has grown over the years their knowledge and expertise has been welcomed at all CCA events such as The Celtic Classic Parade of Shamrocks and Lehigh Valley HopsFest.

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